Zack's Hamburgers at Golden Hour

This was the week of the Arctic Vortex. Where I was in North Carolina the temperatures didn’t get down to South Pole levels, but it was still a royal pain to deal with. After a day and a half of staying inside I had a case of cabin fever. My solution was Zacks Hamburgers.

It’s an classic style burger joint straight out of American Graffiti. While it was originally built in the mid 1970s, it reminds me of hanging out at the Drive-In burger place during the 19…. let’s just say a long time ago. When having a GTO or a ’56 Chevy with a 409 was about the coolest thing imaginable. Those were the days when you met a girl by actually talking to her. I mean face to face, standing right there within touching distance. Cells phones, Facebook and email had not been invented so you actually had to speak to her in real time, sound waves through the atmosphere instead of microwaves through cyberspace. Far Out.

Standing close enough to touch did not give you the right to do any touching. Making a move to early could get you a reputation as a “bad boy.” And we were to young to understand that being a bad boy greatly improved your chances.

I have heard about Zack’s for years and just never got around to trying it out. As soon as the Arctic Vortex allowed temperatures above freezing I decided to make a run for it. The expedition was well worth it. I had a classic double cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. All were wonderful, but the fries were outstanding, better than any fast food place I’ve been to in decades. This place is definitely worth a return visit.

Getting out into the cold was worth it photographically as well. It was a crystal clear day, almost cloudless. I was there just as the sun was going down so there was a chance to get a golden hour shot. We’ll call that the icing on the cake.