A Lucky Day Trip to the Zoo


Female Eclectus roratus

Once in awhile, you have a lucky day trip and catch some tropical color at the zoo. Getting an image you like is often about luck more than good management. Photography at the zoo is proof positive of that statement. You just never know what you’re going to get. (more…)

Big Cats – Inspiring Photo Subjects

Amur Tiger

Big cats represent primal forces. When you see one, even if it’s captive, the human response comes from deep inside the most primitive parts of our brain. Our alertness level perks right up. Instinctively, you sense something powerful and dangerous is nearby. Your DNA knows which one of you is more likely to be having the other for dinner, and not as a guest. (more…)

More Butterfly Photos from Magic Wings

A female Cruiser, at the Magic Wings Butterfly House

Seems like a good idea the show a few more “Magic Wings” butterfly photos.  These are from my recent trip to the Magic Wings Butterfly House, part of the Museum of Life & Science, in Durham, North Carolina.  In this post I’m also going to provide a little butterfly education. (more…)