Is it possible to Colonize the Galaxy?

Alien MonolithTo answer the question, “Is it possible to Colonize the Galaxy?”, we need to think about the physics of interstellar travel. Last week we talked about communication, and the thesis that Faster than Light (FTL) communication is a requirement for a meaningful dialog. Receiving radio signals from a technological civilization would certainly change our understanding of the universe, but receiving a message, even if we understand it completely, does not necessarily imply that a meaningful dialog is possible.


The Robot Future – Artificial Intelligence and the End Game: Part 2


There must be 1000 lists on the internet describing which jobs are at most likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence. No point in duplicating that work. It’s not that complicated to figure out that repetitive work that takes place in a single location is going to be the first to go. The less those workers get paid, the longer they are likely to stay employed. It’s the legend of John Henry. And just like John Henry, even if you beat the steam hammer, you’ll likely die of exhaustion. (more…)

The Robot Future – Artificial Intelligence and Employment: Part 1

Image from Blutgruppe

A revolution in robot technology and machine intelligence is upon us.  It’s an avalanche that’s going to sweep away the previous tradition of working for a living. This is not a revolution you can watch from the sidelines, it will affect every American citizen who works. Our capitalist definition of work and career is going to change in dramatic and unpredictable ways. The commercial and military advantages of artificial intelligence make it a certainty. It’s time to start thinking about the new world order and planning your future. (more…)

Stephen Hawking – Wrong about Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking Portrait
“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” says Stephen Hawking.
“It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said. “Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”
Professor Hawking’s comments are just a little bit scary. Since the Professor is one of the great minds of our generation, we should pay attention, but not accept this conclusion without some skepticism. (more…)