Flowers from the Garden

Yellow Asiatic Lily

As much as I enjoy flowers from the garden, I find it hard to find the time to enjoy the gardening process as much as would like. While time is always a big factor, I have another hurdle to overcome as well. Deer.  The end result is that only hardy and native species survive year after year. (more…)

Colorful Summer Flowers

Hybrid Camelia

It’s that time of year when colorful summer flowers are everywhere. A great time to get out and enjoy mother nature, and a most excellent time to put a macro lens on your camera. (more…)

Pink Phalaenopsis

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids are amazing photographic subjects. And this pink Phalaenopsis is this week’s favorite. I captured this image in the conservatory at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. The color was a show stopper, it was so intense you absolutely had to stop. (more…)

A Few Flower Photos

Yellow phalaenopsis orchid

Keeping it simple today, just a few flower photos, but done a different way. These images were all done with a telephoto lens.  The first and last images in the series were done with a 70-200 mm lens along with an extension tube to allow a super close focus.  Those shots are focus stacks as well.  The middle shot was just grabbed in the moment.  Just because your lens is too long, go for it anyway. (more…)