A Whitetail Doe settling down

It’s kinda cool to see whitetail deer in an urban or suburban area. Even though you’re in the city, having some wild creatures stop by once in awhile provides a feeling of being in a more natural world.

My house is inside the beltway, in an older suburban area. When the ring road was built there was still plenty of wooded areas, and several golf courses. The deer population is now isolated and apparently self sustaining. They travel along the utility easements, Greenways and golf courses. Still completely wild, they have adapted well to suburban living.

Occasionally you see groups of whitetails during the day, more often in the mornings and evening. Around sunrise, and at night, it’s not uncommon to see them in front yards and crossing streets.

I guess they help in controlling the underbrush, but given the choice between weeds and your garden, they always choose the garden. It takes an eight foot tall fence to protect your flowers.

Whitetail Doe resting

Yearling Whitetail sleeping

I took these shots in the late afternoon, the warmest part of the day, when they settle down to rest. There were a few does, along with a few young ones. I think the younger ones were yearlings. Their resting place was maybe ten feet from my back deck. They would take off in a heartbeat if the door was opened, so I used a 400mm lens and shot from behind the glass.

Somehow, it just makes you feel good to have wild creatures close by.

The thought of eating rabbit and squirrels doesn’t appeal to me. And that was on our table quite often as a kid. In your uppity restaurants, they serve a lot of rabbit. But I just can’t help but think of Peter. And deer, I can’t go there, because of Bambi. Paula Deen


Deer Management in the Suburbs