A Few Notes on Songbird Photography

Northern Cardinal

Songbird photography is one of my favorite pastimes. It has everything a serious amateur could ask for. You don’t have to travel far to get good shots. It doesn’t require hyper expensive equipment. And a big bonus is that a lot of people are fascinated by bird photography. (more…)

Curious Cardinal

 Male Northern Cardinal

How to get a Cardinal, or any songbird to pose for you? My theory is that birds possess a list of priorities. Safety is at the top of the list, followed by food, shelter and water. This male Northern Cardinal posed for me because there was food and water nearby. The local birds also know this is a safe location with good visibility so they can check for predators. (more…)

Baby Bluebird

Baby Bluebird

Getting an image of a baby bluebird doesn’t have to be complicated.  And sometimes the planets will align just right, especially when the photographer is prepared.  In this case the weather was fine, not to hot and not to cold, there was high cloud cover so the light was like a giant soft box.   Can’t ask for much better conditions. (more…)