Raptor Photography at the Carolina Raptor Center

Portrait of an American Bald Eagle

Today’s post is about Raptors, or more specifically, about Raptor Photography at the Carolina Raptor Center.

Raptor Photography is all about predators, strong, fearsome and solitary hunters.  For wildlife photographers interested in this specialty, the Carolina Raptor Center is heaven on earth. They host two events each year, one in the spring, another in the fall, usually October.  They two events each year, one in the spring, another in the fall, usually October. (more…)

A Few North American Raptors

North American Raptor - Broad Winged Hawk

I’ve got a few interesting North American Raptors to talk about this week. Both are common in the eastern United States. Raptors are fascinating to me for several reasons. First, they are at the top of the food chain, mostly predators, but sometimes scavengers. And they are lineal descendants of the most famous dinosaurs that every young boy loves. Whether you’re talking about Tyrannosaurs or Velociraptor, these are about the scariest creatures that ever lived. Their very distant relatives are still with us and the Raptors evoke those images. That “predator look” is also what makes them great subjects to photograph. (more…)

A Spectacled Owl

Spectacled Owl

Why do you shoot the way you do? I wonder how many photographers really sit down and think about that. It’s a pretty big deal when you get right down to it. I know a lot of what I’ve done in the past wasn’t well thought out at the time. It was done on the basis of expediency, based on the equipment I had at the time and limited knowledge of the art of photography.

Today’s image of a Spectacled Owl is an example of lessons learned by making hundreds of mediocre images before finally getting a few that work. (more…)

Dudley’s Talons

Great Horned Owl

One of the cool things about photography is the second look.   Whether the image is an urban landscape or a wildlife shot like this image of Dudley, the chance to take a more detailed look later can reveal things you didn’t notice when you were focused on capturing the moment.  With owls we tend to focus on their amazing eyes, and when setting up your shot it’s key to make sure you have good focus on the eyes.  It was only after reviewing the shots later I realized I had a good shot of the talons.  (more…)