Guest Post – Mean Streets of Melbourne

Entrance to Luna Park
Here’s a brief photo essay that I made on the Mean Streets of Melbourne.  All taken as a passenger in a fast moving car zipping through heavy traffic on a hot Saturday evening.  It covered the Melbourne suburbs of Elwood, where I lived in the late 1970’s, and St Kilda which is the suburb on the city side of Elwood.  In the 19th century St Kilda was a luxury beach side area of grand houses, many of which still stand today.


Local Landmarks: Fish Fountain

The Fish Fountain on the Green in downtown Charlotte

I thought I would talk about a difficult shot today. This fish fountain is behind St. Peter’s Catholic church and alongside an urban pocket park called “The Green” in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. There are some tall structures nearby to cast shadows, but it’s near the western edge of the downtown area so the sunsets are not obscured by a lot of high rise buildings. (more…)