Big Cats – Inspiring Photo Subjects

Amur Tiger

Big cats represent primal forces. When you see one, even if it’s captive, the human response comes from deep inside the most primitive parts of our brain. Our alertness level perks right up. Instinctively, you sense something powerful and dangerous is nearby. Your DNA knows which one of you is more likely to be having the other for dinner, and not as a guest. (more…)

Street Photography Favorites – 2013

Smoke BreakStreet Photography is a recent interest of mine. In spite of not having a lot of insight into where the appeal comes from, I’m drawn to it. Maybe the reasons for enjoying photographing people you don’t know in sometimes private moments is an area you shouldn’t analyze too deeply. Then again, that’s not the way the human mind works, at some level you have to at least try to figure it out. (more…)

Best Landscape Photography – 2013

Best Landscape Photography – 2013

Landscape Photography is tough. Selecting the best landscape images from 2013 is even more difficult.  Anyone would think landscape photography would be simple, after all nothing is moving, there is plenty of flexibility concerning aperture and shutter speed, and time to set up. It’s not like trying to catch that single magic moment of the big play in a three hour long sports event. (more…)

Favorite Road Warriors – 2013

1951 Ford Coupe

Road Warriors, symbol of a bygone era.  Hot Rods and Custom cars.  It was a time when doing your own work was considered cool, and your social standing was enhanced by driving a car that was uniquely your own.  Not something that came from your checkbook.   So as part of my introspective end of year ritual, I’m trying to filter the 2013 photography collection down to a small group of the best shots.  This collection is about my favorite Road Warriors. (more…)