Heliconius doris Just a note that I’ve added new features to the blog this week. We now have a proper gallery with a slide show.  The first gallery to be added is my favorite butterfly shots.  It’s accessed through the menu bar.

Provided the new code works out and viewers like this form of image gallery, I’ll make it a permanent feature.  If this is a step in the right direction, please leave a comment.  If not, feel free to comment about that.

Even though this is a personal blog, I sincerely value feedback.  Since the blog is not narrowly focused on photography, and especially not on photography gear, the content sometimes wanders from subject to subject.  The intention is to talk about living well and enjoying, and preserving the natural world that we live in.  That includes alternate life styles, compact, sustainable , and small footprint living.  It will also include some articles on objects that represent craftsmanship, including, but not limited to custom cars.  For me, that’s blue collar art, and far more important than anything Andy Warhol ever did.  It’s important from the point of view of our cultural history. The same theme applies to other aspects of culture, entertainment would be a good example.  I won’t attempt to review every new movie or Blu-Ray that comes out, but I might talk about film that was important to a particular generation or one that represented a turning point in our culture.   The common thread is how and why we’ve arrived at this strange point in time, along with some thoughts about how we can live better lives going forward.

If there are subjects that you feel I’ve missed, or are to far off target, like I said, leave a comment, I read every single one.