Panthera leo - The King

I’ve now had my zoo interview, so I can claim my 15 minutes of fame.  Actually, it was more like 5 seconds, but hey, take what you’re given.  Earlier in the week I was at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia South Carolina.  It’s one of my favorite places to go on nice days.  The facility is compact so it’s easy to walk around and see the various exhibits.  And many of the animal enclosures are photographer friendly.  Meaning no wire or glass to make getting a decent image more difficult than it already is.

So I’m out there with a tripod and my 400mm glass trying to get a shot of the Red Ruffed Lemurs in some rather harsh lighting, when a young lady stops and asks if she can interview me.  I suppose I must have looked quite serious.  I must have looked different in some way, maybe carrying around 20 pounds of camera gear is enough to qualify as a subject. In any event, I was happy to help in any way I could.


The Zoo Interview

She explained that the local TV station WIS-TV was doing a video on the 40th Anniversary of Riverbanks opening. There had recently been an influx of money and several large renovations were being done. That made it a more interesting story. The reporter, Katie McKee, did a great job putting together a nice video, and made me feel good about being able to participate in the publicity.  I haven’t done an interview like that in a long time, so having someone who can keep it casual made it a pleasant experience. - Columbia, South Carolina |

While Katie was a great interviewer, I was an average interviewee from the look of it.  Even so, it was a nice break and a good omen since I got some captures I think will work out well.  The portrait of the African Lion at the top of the page was taken that day and is one of the better ones I’ve done.  It helped that Mr. Panthera Leo was posing like he was doing his own zoo interview.   I’ll probably have enough ‘keeper’ images for a gallery page by the end of the summer.  With all the renovations going on this already excellent photo location is only going to get better.  I anticipate at least a few more trips during the year.


Quote of the Day
A man can do a television interview and roll out of bed 15 minutes before; it’s just not the same for a woman. A woman has to pay attention to her hair, makeup, clothing, and jewelry choices.
Michele Bachmann



Riverbanks Zoo