Another fly ball

Today we have some more college baseball shots.  After taking close to 400 frames, nearly a personal record, I’ve found a few more interesting shots of the Davidson College game.  All these taken the same way, crop sensor, and mirrorless Sony A77, along with a 70-200 f/2.8 Sigma lens + 1.4 tele-converter. 

That 10 frames per second with the ability to follow the action through the viewfinder is an underrated combination for action and sports photography.  While I’m old school about much of the process of capturing images, I’m a complete believer in the latest digital technology when it comes to this.  You just can’t beat lots of megapixels and speed when it comes to action shots.

 Home Run Celebration

This was a celebration after a bases loaded home run.

Batter hits a pop fly

Watching a fly ball.


As time goes on I’m thinking more and more that amateur and college sports should be an interesting area for the serious hobby photographer.  Right off the bat, to use the obvious baseball metaphor, there is low or zero cost to gain access to all kinds of events.  A lot of these events are easily accessible.  Parking is less of a problem, and most of all it’s much easier to get close to the action.  That’s a huge advantage for those of us that don’t have $10,000 800mm lenses.   All the events I’ve been to so far have not had big crowds.  There is usually a place along the fence where you can set up a tripod.  Another thing… So far I’ve never been hassled by anyone at these local events.  So long as you respect others and don’t become a nuisance, no one seems to care what you’re doing.

What an awesome way to spend an early spring afternoon.  Congratulations to Davidson College for providing a Photographer Friendly location.


Davidson College Athletics


Quote of the Day
“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams