Becky's 1923 T-Bucket at the Kannapolis Cruise In

The Kannapolis Cruise In this weekend was just awesome. There were hundreds of amazing vehicles to see, and most importantly, a chance to meet people from all walks of life that share a common affection for that uniquely American vision of automotive art, the Street Rod.

For the first part of this report, I’m going to adopt a slightly different focus. While I love checking out the cars, the people who built and use these cars provide insight into a part of our culture that doesn’t get much play in the media.

They are mostly hard working, middle class, baby boomers that grew up in a time when a car represented freedom. A custom car was an expression of your personality. It was a way to be whimsical, or outrageous, in a conservative, button down world.

Becky's 1923 T-Bucket #2

This classic 1923 Ford T-Bucket is owned by Jerry and Becky. Actually Becky claims the car is hers. They both smile at that. After talking to them for awhile, I think it’s like saying that gold ring on her finger is her property. That may be a fact, but it doesn’t come close to telling the whole story.

Becky's 1923 T-Bucket #4

They’ve had the T-Bucket a good long time now. It’s not a show car, it definitely does not get to these events on a trailer. It gets driven, and it has some miles on it. 16,000 street miles to be specific. That’s going for a ride on a lot of beautiful, Carolina summer afternoons. Just for the joy of it.

Jerry and Becky at the Kannapolis Cruise-In

Jerry and Becky are celebrating their 45th anniversary this summer. They might take a trip to Las Vegas, thinking of it as Disneyland for adults. Even though this couple has a lot of spunk, I don’t think they’ll be driving the T-Bucket. After looking at the car, I’m sure it could make the trip, but driving all day in the Nevada sun without air conditioning might be a bit much.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see this couple, along with the classic T-Bucket at another Cruise-In, miles of fun left in both of them.

Quote of the Day
“I drive way too fast to worry about not getting enough exercise.”

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