The Population Bomb – Still Ticking?

soylent_greenMost of you have probably never heard of Dr Paul Ehrlich or his controversial book “The Population Bomb.” Published in 1968, it predicted dire consequences for human civilization. The future promised widespread famine, and the collapse of government as a result of its inability to feed its people. Dr Ehrlich went so far as to predict that England would not exist in the year 2000. This was serious and scary stuff, and it made sense. The early indicators were already happening.  Soylent Green or The Mad Max World, seemed a real possibility.

I feel for Dr Ehrlich because I’ve made similar mistakes. It’s partly about youth and passion, you clearly see all the things that are going wrong, do your research, and reach a conclusion which is the result of straight line projection of current trends. The end seems just around the corner. (more…)

Can the Aussie Millennium Drought School California?

drought-02TNI have to admit to being a little biased here. I lived in Australia, mostly Melbourne, from 1972 though 1986 and found it to be a wonderful place. Not completely without problems, but in the big scheme of things, a place where we can learn some valuable lessons. Melbourne, a city of more than 4 million, had its act together.

In more recent times, southern Australia, and Melbourne in particular, has had to deal with the Millennium Drought, which lasted from 1995 through 2009. The last areas affected were not declared drought free until May of 2012. (more…)

Is Debt Free the Way to Personal Utopia?

Pink Rocker in the Garden.Part of my universal world view is that every once in awhile you should reinvent your life. Take stock of where you are, and think about where you want to go. Ideas about what your personal utopia might look like change over time. I know my concept of the perfect life has changed dramatically. What I thought desirable in my 20s bears little resemblance to what I value now. I believe most people go through similar stages in life. Deciding where and how you want to live is part of the process of gaining maturity.  These days, my imaginary ideal lifestyle is more about freedom than anything else.  Being debt free, having time to pursue personal goals, staying fit and healthy are all high on my list.

Success in achieving your personal utopian lifestyle, well, that’s another thing altogether.  (more…)

Memorial Day Weekend

Photo of events during a Flags Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery Nov. 5, 2011.  U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley.

US Coast Guard Photo


Memorial Day weekend is here. The Charlotte 600 and Indy 500, a lot of drinking, hanging with family and buds. A time for good times.

But we shouldn’t forget it’s purpose. To respect the members of our military forces who gave their lives in so many wars. (more…)

New Photo Gallery

Just posting a headline that I added a new Photo Gallery.  This one is a retrospective of urban landscape images taken over the last few years.  Also included is a very brief discussion of the art and craft of urban landscape photography, what a pain in the ass it can be, but worthwhile when you get something worth going back to.  Wish that second part happened more often, but this is my chosen path.

The gallery is at the top of the Gallery Menu drop down.  Or you can click Urban Landscape Gallery.

Hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to write a comment.  Make it a two way street.