Awesome Color – The Rainbow Lorikeet

 A Rainbow Lorikeet shows off his color

My favorite creature to photograph this week is the Rainbow Lorikeet. They are an Australian native, so it’s not like you’ll find one in your backyard, but they are common in zoos. Often they are kept in walk-through enclosures like the one at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. (more…)

More Baby Ducks – Early Morning Ducklings

Mallard Ducklings - Single File

It seems like a lot of people love baby ducks. They are adorable, there can be no argument about that. They are tiny and helpless, and don’t have a care in the world. They’re just out there enjoying life and consuming calories as fast as possible. (more…)

Photographing a Lowland Gorilla

Lowland Gorilla PortraitYesterday was the day for photographing the lowland gorilla.  I’ve tried to get a good image of this guy several times in the past, with pretty much zero success.  The Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina is my favorite zoo from a photography perspective. Even so, the animals are often too far away for a portrait, even as an effective 600mm.  Sometimes there are other problems.  In this case, the lowland gorilla chose to perch himself behind the wire enclosure.   (more…)

Morning Photography – 3 Ducklings

Mallard Ducklings

Nothing like getting out and doing some early morning photography.  And when there are 3 ducklings at the local pond ready to pose, well, that makes for a great morning.  Actually there were many more than 3, but these 3 guys along with the hen, seemed particularly interested in being the morning’s photo subjects. (more…)

A Mallard Duckling

Mallard Duckling

Today seemed like a good day for a photo of a mallard duckling.  Ducklings of most any sort can be counted on to make a person feel good.  There’s something cool about baby animals. I guess the sight of babies of almost anything warm blooded hits some buttons deep in the primal parts of our brains. (more…)

SuperTelephoto Glass

A Ring Tailed Lemur

Telephoto and super telephoto glass is all about expanding your horizons.  Long focal lengths bring a much bigger universe to your camera sensor.  An old saying in photography is that the best long lens is your legs.  Well, sometimes just getting closer works, sometimes it’s impossible, and sometimes it’s dangerous. (more…)