More Baby Ducks – Early Morning Ducklings

Mallard Ducklings - Single File

It seems like a lot of people love baby ducks. They are adorable, there can be no argument about that. They are tiny and helpless, and don’t have a care in the world. They’re just out there enjoying life and consuming calories as fast as possible. (more…)

Morning Photography – 3 Ducklings

Mallard Ducklings

Nothing like getting out and doing some early morning photography.  And when there are 3 ducklings at the local pond ready to pose, well, that makes for a great morning.  Actually there were many more than 3, but these 3 guys along with the hen, seemed particularly interested in being the morning’s photo subjects. (more…)

A Mallard Duckling

Mallard Duckling

Today seemed like a good day for a photo of a mallard duckling.  Ducklings of most any sort can be counted on to make a person feel good.  There’s something cool about baby animals. I guess the sight of babies of almost anything warm blooded hits some buttons deep in the primal parts of our brains. (more…)