Thinking about Hiking Photography

High Shoals Loop Trail

I’m spending a lot of time thinking about Hiking Photography this year. More specifically about gear. I’ve been using my trusty Sony A77 along with the 16-50 kit lens, and occasionally the Tokina 11-16 Pro, for the majority of those shots. While I’ve been happy with the results I feel that I should step up my game this year. Stepping up the game means doing things differently and that implies new gear. (more…)

A few experiments – Golden Hour Pond

Sunset over a small pond

Today I’m posting a few ‘golden hour’ test shots. These are experimental landscapes, done to try out both camera settings and methods of post processing. So much landscape photography is done during blue hour or golden hour. Nothing wrong with that, it’s usually the most dramatic light of the day. Those hours also severely test both the camera and the photographer’s processing ability. When there is an extreme exposure range and lens flare in the shot the out-of-camera image file is unlikely to give you a great shot. (more…)

Best Landscape Photography – 2013

Best Landscape Photography – 2013

Landscape Photography is tough. Selecting the best landscape images from 2013 is even more difficult.  Anyone would think landscape photography would be simple, after all nothing is moving, there is plenty of flexibility concerning aperture and shutter speed, and time to set up. It’s not like trying to catch that single magic moment of the big play in a three hour long sports event. (more…)