Madonna : Favorite Early Videos


I was late to the party when it comes to Madonna and the videos. I was living in Australia during the early years of the MTV generation. During those years I barely watched TV, much less cable, which was unknown in Aussie. But when I saw Madonna’s Frozen for the first time… Wow, I was simply amazed. So freak’n awesome.

As a graduate of the Art Center College, I had spent almost my whole working life as a designer, illustrator and fine artist. The visual arts were my life. And these music videos were a whole new art form where creativity reigned supreme. For me, the better videos bring a whole new level of value to the music. (more…)

One Second After: The Real Story

one_second_afterWho would have thought a book that’s immensely popular with the Doomsday Preppers would make it to the New York Times best seller lists? One Second After, by William Forstchen, did exactly that, and it stayed there for 12 weeks in 2009. The bones of this post apocalyptic story are familiar, but the event that sets the story in motion is fresh and well researched. (more…)

Movies That Matter #12 – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hal-9000 CameraIn my list of “15 Movies that Changed Things”, 2001: A Space Odyssey is going to be the most difficult to discuss. In many ways, it’s a time capsule.

There are three main elements in this story. Human evolution, artificial intelligence, and alien civilization. All these elements are still controversial today. From the viewpoint of 1968, it seemed perfectly reasonable that space flight would be commonplace by 2001, and that machine intelligence would be a fact of life. This was a time of flower children and going to the moon. All things seemed possible. (more…)

Babymetal – Japanese Band that Rocks

Su Metal

BabyMetal… It’s a problem to understand what BabyMetal is. It doesn’t fit well with our American genres of music. But we have to start somewhere.

First off, it’s a Japanese metal band. Actually a completely awesome metal band. But the Japanese definition of “metal” is different than ours, even so, it’s not really typical Japanese metal. While is has some aspects of American style metal, we can’t go there either. It’s like some of these things, but not really. (more…)

Movies that Matter #13 – In the Heat of the Night


In the Heat of the Night is one amazing film. A standout for breaking new ground in many areas. In theory, it’s a police procedural about a murder in a small southern town. In fact, the movie poster log line was “They got a murder on their hands. They don’t know what to do with it.” The log line, sometimes called “one line,” is supposed to tell you what the movie is about. Not true in this case. (more…)

Useful Lessons Learned from The Walking Dead

Rick and Daryl, survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve been thinking about Zombies recently. Not about the supernatural kind that only exist in fiction, but what the archetype represents in today’s culture. Specifically, why is Walking Dead by far the most popular TV show in America? Why is there such a need to look at the dark side of humanity? I mean this show relentlessly kills off characters we love and turns children into monsters. Why do so many young people see the future in such negative terms? (more…)