The Most Influential Cars – Ever

The Most Influential Cars – Ever

Editor's Note

What are the most influential cars ever built?    Not the most famous, or the most impressive, or even the best. But the cars that actually made a difference to the motor car industry.  Cars that changed the way things were done for decades. (more…)

Favorite Road Warriors – 2013

1951 Ford Coupe

Road Warriors, symbol of a bygone era.  Hot Rods and Custom cars.  It was a time when doing your own work was considered cool, and your social standing was enhanced by driving a car that was uniquely your own.  Not something that came from your checkbook.   So as part of my introspective end of year ritual, I’m trying to filter the 2013 photography collection down to a small group of the best shots.  This collection is about my favorite Road Warriors. (more…)