Awesome Zombie Hot Rod Found in Small Town.

Zombie Rod

It’s a uniquely American thing, turning old cars into a personal expression. Customizing or Hot Rodding. I’m always fascinated by the ideas folks come up with. Not in a zillion years would anyone come up with an identical concept and execution of any hot rod that’s ever been built. Each one is far more unique than a finger print. (more…)

Garrett Turbo Chick – Blast from the Past

Garrett Turbo Chick PosterRecently, a conversation with a long time friend brought up a question… “What ever happened to the Garrett Turbo Chick?” We have to delve back into the past quite a long way for this one. Before careers in software programming, and the commodities futures markets, there was a career as an illustrator, art director and occasionally marketing. There was a career even before that, but that was a time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. (more…)

Warehouse Full of Dreams

1960 Buick Lo-Rider

I had an interesting trip to a warehouse full of dreams this week. My brother, who lives in Canada, bought the car of his dreams. Before cutting the check he asked if I could take a look and make sure it was ‘as represented’ by the seller. Less than an hour’s trip each way, so no problem. (more…)

Sweet 1939 Ford Ragtop

1939 Ford Custom Roadster

Browsing through my Cruise-In pics from the last few summers, I came across this Sweet 1939 Ford Ragtop. Quite nicely done and shown at the most excellent Kannapolis Cruise In. It got me thinking about why these old custom cars and hot rods, and how they compare to the 2014 models. (more…)

The Kannapolis Cruise In – Part 2

A 1936 Ford Street Rod at the Kannapolis Cruise In

This week, another cool car from the Kannapolis Cruise In. The Kannapolis event is at the top of my list for places to see great automotive art. And as a bonus, you get to meet real Americans from the heartland. Folks who wouldn’t live in New York City or Hollywood if you paid them. It’s about core values, and more than a little nostalgia for a time when the world seemed less complicated. (more…)

The Kannapolis Cruise In – Part 1

Becky's 1923 T-Bucket at the Kannapolis Cruise In

The Kannapolis Cruise In this weekend was just awesome. There were hundreds of amazing vehicles to see, and most importantly, a chance to meet people from all walks of life that share a common affection for that uniquely American vision of automotive art, the Street Rod. (more…)