Davidson Baseball - Strike One 140223-01

Baseball Season is here.  Sunday was warm and sunny, a welcome break from the bitter cold winter, so I decided to go and see a Davidson College baseball game with a friend. Completely awesome and totally fun to crank up that old Sony A77 with a long lens.

The best thing about college and amateur sports is that almost everywhere I’ve been rates as Photographer Friendly. So long as you respect the people and the institution and stay out of the way, there is zero hassle when it comes to getting good shots.  It’s a great way to get some sports photography practice.  The “keeper” shots are all about timing and framing the shot.  There are plenty of action shot possibilities without needing a 600mm lens.  Not a particularly easy skill to master, but in an environment like this, fun to gain some experience.

At Davidson College you can shoot from a low fence just past the dugout. I shot all day with a 70-200mm Sigma lens on my crop sensor Sony. For some shots I added the tele-converter which takes the focal length out to 420mm in full frame equivalent. Many shots were done around 350mm. So you need a long lens, but there’s no need to go crazy.

The baseball field is well maintained and looks great. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Even the concessions were good, only $2 for sports drinks and that goes to help the volleyball team.


And now for some serious pitching…

Sidearm Pitcher from Mount St Mary's baseball team

This guy was a sidearm pitcher for the visiting team, unusual form. It’s a lot of fun and lets you see what’s really going on. These guys really put maximum effort into every pitch. All these were shot is raw, no small JPG files for me.

All in all a great day at a most excellent location


Davidson College Athletics

Quote of the Day
“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
Alfred Stieglitz